Massage Class For Couples

Cost: $250 per couple
Class Length: 4 hours (approximately, based on how quickly the material is picked up)

This is a class designed to teach basic relaxation massage to couples so they are able to work on each other for stress reduction and minor muscle problems. The massage movements taught are non-sexual and meant to be used with proper draping. What you do in your own home later is up to you. During the class, massage terms will be given, and movements will be shown matching those terms. The students will be shown a massage ‘routine’ for a full body massage that is on paper so they can take it home to remind them of movements and patterns. Later it is expected that the students will modify this routine as they grow comfortable with it and the needs and likes of their partner.

Because massage movements can hurt if used incorrectly, cautions will be given. Certain parts of the body (called endangerment zones) will be avoided, and others will be explained with movements shown specifically for each area.

During the class, massage movements will be taught. Each student will get a chance to practice these strokes (with supervision) on their partner, eventually doing a full massage routine.

Included with the class is a handbook which includes massage terms and definitions as well as a printed, descriptive 1-hour massage routine. (This is the routine that is taught in the class.) The handbook also includes information on the Proper Pressure and Speed of massage movements, Lubricants (oil or lotion) - what to use and where to obtain them, Health Issues and Contraindications, Areas to Avoid and Special Movements for special areas, Suggested Equipment, Draping, and Setting the Proper Atmosphere.

This class is not intended for licensed massage therapists (as they should already know most of what is taught), nor is it intended for the student to charge money giving massage for what they learn from this class. For someone to charge money for massage, they must have graduated from an approved school for massage, and be fully licensed.

Note: The maximum class size is two students so there is a greater level of comfort. It is expected that the two students be a couple (or partners, or good friends) who want to learn to do basic massage on each other. The class fee covers training and handbooks for both students.