Meditation Classes

Meditation is a means of communicating with your subconscious mind. It is useful for various reasons, calming, strength, reinforcement of desires, and making changes in the way you feel or act. By your conscious mind telling your sub-conscious how you want to be, you can slowly transform yourself, and achieve your goals.

If you have never done meditation before, this is a good method to learn. During the (approximately) two hour class, the instructor will explain what meditation is, and what can be done with it. They will talk over settings, music, preferred positions, and more. They will also discuss your needs, and what you are expecting out of meditation.

Next, the instructor will take the student on their first meditation. Once completed, they will discuss what happened, how the student felt, and what they accomplished. Then the instructor will take the student on another meditative “journey”, and again discuss the process afterward.

At this point, the student will have the keys to creating their own “journeys” at home as they will just create the same process that was used in the class.

This class can be taught privately to one student, or to a small group.

$70 per person for the class.

Note: In all classes, time is listed as approximate and is based on how quickly the student picks up the information. For very short, or very long classes, the fee will be adjusted.

Guided Meditation CDs and MP3s are available through the Meditations page.