Etheric Cord Cutting

As we go through life meeting people, we make attachments. Some of these attachments are fleeting, some stay with us for a while, and some become close and very important.

For example, you met someone years ago that became a close friend. In doing so, you made and energetic attachment. Maybe you have not heard from this person in years, and they are no longer in your life. But even though this may be so, you are still attached to them by an energetic cord. And while this cord is causing no harm, it is still dragging on you to some extent.

Another example would be that you met someone that became your boyfriend/girlfriend, and that attachment was very strong. But as in the case of relationships, you broke up, yet that link is still there. And not only is it there dragging on you, it is also negative. This is where cord cutting comes in.

The practitioner will have the subject stand, and then will cover them with a shield. The practitioner will then set that shield on fire (energetically, not real flame). The fire will cut all cords attached to the subject, and because we are using fire, it will cauterize them so they can not grow back.

Once all the cords have been “cut”, the fire will be put out, and the subject will be taught a shielding exercise where they can control who reattaches and who can not. Finally, the practitioner will remove their shield allowing the subject’s shield to control everything.

Once the process is done, the subject usually feels better, freer, and more like themselves. This process only takes a few minutes and is usually combined with a Major Chakra Cleansing.

If scheduling this online, choose "Unspecified Energy Work" from the list of sessions available, and put Cord Cutting in the Note section.

$70 per hour, prorated for shorter or longer sessions. Sessions usually last from 5 to 20 minutes.