Energy Cleansing

There are times when someone is just going through a very rough time.  These could be life issues, relationship issues, job issues, and others. When these things happen, a person just feels down, feels negative about a lot of thing. This can lead to the buildup of negative energy. When this happens, one needs to be cleansed.

Now, the rule of energy is that (in most cases) energy that is removed must be replaced, otherwise, the person the energy is removed from will feel tired and listless. There are times when someone has too much energy (and this is marked by not being able to sit still, or feeling “wired”), and energy simply needs to be removed.

An energy practitioner that is knowledgeable at this process will assess the needs and begin the process.  This process involves the practitioner pulling out all energy as if they were a hose draining energy from the subject.  As the energy comes into the practitioner, they separate the negative energy from the positive and send it to the ground. While they are doing this, they pull positive energy in from the universe and combine it with the positive energy that was separated from the negative energy, and then return that to the subject. Once complete, the subject should feel much better, much more positive.
The process varies in time based on the amount of energy needing to be removed.

Getting a Major Chakra Cleansing will also do this as part of the process, just differently.

If scheduling this online, choose "Unspecified Energy Work" from the list of sessions available, and put Energy Cleansing in the Note section.

$70 per hour, prorated for shorter or longer sessions.