Soul Retrieval

As one journeys through life, the astral body can become damaged, especially if one has had a lot of trauma in their life.

Soul Retrieval is a way of repairing the astral body. This is done by removing negative energies, tracking lost soul shards, and then weaving the astral body back into a whole. Once that is done, we finish up with an energy charge.

This is done through a meditation where the therapist leads the subject on a journey to locate and pick up all the lost pieces and carry them to the point that they can be re-infused. This is done through cleansing fire and white light.

Unlike other meditations, the therapist is with the subject the entire journey. They are not only guiding the subject, but seeing what they see so they can direct them. At the end of the journey, after all the pieces have been re-infused, the therapist brings the subject back out of the meditative state.

If scheduling this online, choose "Unspecified Energy Work" from the list of sessions available, and put Soul Retrieval in the Note section.

$70 per hour, prorated for shorter or longer sessions. Sessions usually last from 30 to 60 minutes.