What Is Involved in a Massage Session?

Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body (skin, muscles), and for this process oil is generally used to cut down on the friction created from the rubbing so that massage movements feel good instead of hurting. (There are some styles that do not use oil, and rely on holds instead of movements. But these are for special needs like realignment and can readily be discussed with your therapist before starting.)

Generally for a massage, the client is asked to undress to their comfort level and draping materials (usually a sheet) are made available. Although the ideal situation is for the client to be completely undressed, some people are not comfortable with this and will leave on their underwear. Keep in mind that you may leave on whatever clothing makes you feel comfortable, but unless you remain completely clothed, oil will be used, and you don't want that on your clothing.

In proper massage (as performed by Caring Palms), the client is covered or draped at all times with a sheet or towel. During a normal session, the full body is slowly worked, including the entire back side of the body and the front except for the genitals and breasts (women only). The areas worked are always at the discretion, and within the comfort levels of the client. If at any time a client feels uncomfortable, it is up to them to tell the therapist so that the movements can be changed so the client is not uncomfortable. (Some specialty styles require less draping. And this is something discussed before the massage. Caring Palms believes in education first so that the client understands exactly what will be involved during the massage session and that there are no surprises for the client or therapist. This happens before the client gets on the table.)

Massage from a licensed professional is not sexual - Massage is healthcare.