Chakra Balancing Class

Chakras are the major energy centers in the body (see chakras). They control energies affecting thought, balance (not necessarily physical), emotions, communications, intuition, physical self, and connection to spirit. Occasionally, they can get out of alignment, unbalanced, or turning in the wrong direction. (From the point of view of the healer, the chakras should be turning in a clockwise direction.) This can happen through problems in our lives. Are we worried about something? Did something emotional happen causing heartbreak? Has there been an injury?

All of these things can affect our energy centers. It can cause them to be out of alignment, blocked, or just not right. When this happens, a person can feel out of whack. Depending on the chakra, or chakras involved, a person can have trouble communicating, thinking clearly, not knowing which way to turn. We can be emotional, or unable to express emotions.

The purpose of the class is to teach the student where the chakra points are in another person and where they are out of balance. The student will then learn to restore the chakras (one by one) to their proper positions and rotation. This will be done by using one’s own energies to feel the current positions, and then “massage” them back where they should be. (It would be helpful to bring someone to be the subject.)

This class is scheduled on an as needed basis. If you are interested in taking it, please contact us and we will schedule it at a time convenient for both student and teacher.

Note: In all classes, time is listed as approximate and is based on how quickly the studnet picks up the information.

Note: In all classes, time is listed as approximate and is based on how quickly the student picks up the information. For very short, or very long classes, the fee will be adjusted.

If scheduling this online, choose "Caring Palms Classes" from the list of sessions available, and put Chakra Balancing in the Note section.

Time Level Prerequisite Price
1-2 hours (approx) Intermediate Sensing Problems $70