Major Chakra Cleansing

Depending on situations, some or many of the major energy centers of the body (chakras) can get blocked where energy does not pass through them. Which chakras depend on the situations a person is going through. For example, if someone is stressed, the chakra controlling thought processes will probably be blocked because they are worrying about something. And because thoughts due to worry causes that chakra to be blocked, it will also cause others to be blocked, like emotions, balance, even communication.

Say someone is worrying about something. Their thought process chakra will block. But then they get emotional, and that causes the emotional chakra to block which makes the person feel out of balance. Before long, we have at least five blocked chakras.

While some chakra issues can be corrected with balancing, or locating and clearing them, many times this is not enough. When this happens, a major cleansing is needed.

This is done by passing White Light through each chakra (one at a time) until it is clear. This could take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes per chakra. With the subject lying down, the practitioner places their hands above the chakra (on the top side of the body) and below the chakra (underneath the body). The energy will build until the block is “blasted” away.

Once all chakras have been cleansed, another pass is made to make sure that each one is “lighting up” in their proper color, and another pass to make sure each one is spinning in the correct direction (clockwise from the point of view of the practitioner).

Once completed, the subject usually feels relaxed, energized, and much lighter.

If scheduling this online, choose "Unspecified Energy Work" from the list of sessions available, and put Major Chakra Cleansing in the Note section.

Billed at $70 per hour, prorated for shorter or longer sessions. Sessions usually last from 30 to 60 minutes, and can be combined with Etheric Cord Cutting.