Ethereal Journal 2017

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December 29, 2017
My second shadow fighter was in again, and had a unique request.

December 14, 2017
Yesterday morning I saw something amazing happen. It was the day after my friend passed.

December 13, 2017
A friend of mine passed away yesterday. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that works very quickly. Through part of this process, she lost the baby she was carrying. Then on her darkest night, a friend convinced her that there was only one true path, which coincided with this person’s religious beliefs. Because of that conversation, my friend shunned alternative care, and asked me not to do any energy work for her because it was the devil’s energy, as is mediumship and all other forms of energy work. When I last talked with my friend, She asked me not to do any work on her behalf. I told her I felt she was wrong, and that I loved her, but I would abide by her wishes.

December 4, 2017
I had a client in today that I have been doing energy work worth for some time. She is the original shadow fighter that I worked with. She told me that she has been surrounded by darkness for a long time now and needs to get out of it. She told me that we need to shake things up because whatever we were doing was not working enough.

December 2, 2017
I participated in my second public student demonstration of mediumship today. Unlike last time when I couldn’t do anything, this one went wonderfully.

December 1, 2017
This is the season of giving as many call it. And every business is out there trying to sell you things that you can give to others as gifts (us included). But the most important person you should think about giving to is yourself. 

November 10, 2017
I taught someone to step into their power today, and in doing so, I stepped into mine.

November 2, 2017
Who are you? What is your worth (and we’re not talking finances)? How much are you valued by friends and family? How much are you valued by yourself? We ask these questions to lead you down a path. What do you feel your friends and family feel about you? How much of a value are you in their lives? 

November 1, 2017
Okay, we are told to set goals. In setting those goals, we begin a journey. And as we travel down that path to our goal, we work toward it. We do what we can to make it come about. After all we are told that if we want something, we have to make it happen. And yes, that is very true. We make it happen by putting in the required time, and study, and work so we can achieve what we set out to do. The problem with making it happen is all too often, we force it to happen (ignore Star Wars quote that would have gone here).

September 2, 2017
In mediumship class last week, our teacher read something that was posted in Horizon’s magazine. It was a question to someone that answers these types of questions. The writer was describing things that had happened to her, things like a car accident, losing her job, and having to move back in with her Dad. Her wonder had to do with what was going to happen to her.

September 1, 2017
First off, I'm not going to be talking about painted rock musicians, one of which has a very long tongue. Instead, I want to talk about a methodology, an approach to life, a way of looking at things. Back when I was in school to become a computer programmer, we learned that we could write computer code so that it was unintelligible, even to other programmers. But we found that the best approach was to keep things simple, so we adopted KISS... Keep It Simple, Stupid.

August 1, 2017
How do we get started? Why do we get started? What makes us want to get started?

July 23, 2017
Today, I went on my first ghost visitation. I went with my mediumship teacher, Marilyn and my friend and student John. We went to see the ghost at the Buddhist Meditation Center nearby.

July 22, 2017
I held my first Ascension Theory workshop today, and it was scary and magical.

July 2, 2017
I've used the term lightworker in articles before. I may even have tried to define it (but I usually can't remember yesterday, so I could be wrong). So, since I seem to be using it a lot lately, I thought I would try to define it so everyone knows what it is.

July 1, 2017
I finally finalized my song into a video.

June 24, 2017
Last night I participated in my first public mediumship demonstration… and… well… it sucked.

June 19, 2017
Before putting things back after the memorial, I sat down to do some meditation, and Imelda stopped in to join me.

June 17, 2017
After a full day teaching a Reiki 2 class, we had Imelda's memorial at the studio. I was told many times how much she loved it there with all the good energies. She was happy she found that place to teach out of.

June 16, 2017
Talk about last minute things coming together at... well... the last minute.

June 15, 2017
Well, I wrote my first Filk song in 20 years today, well, me and spirit.

June 13, 2017
In the midst of all that has been going on, the business side of me knows that I need to find another workshop to replace what Imelda was teaching. And when I kept throwing it out to the universe, I kept getting back “Ascension Theory”.

June 2, 2017
Massage therapists have heard (and used) the term Sacred Space for a long time now. We hear about teachers and practitioners creating Sacred Space to do their work. But what is it? 

June 1, 2017
We’re made of energy. No, really. We are. As we’ve talked before, everything exists on a scale of vibration. The faster the vibration, the more fluid things are. Things like light and sound, and gamma rays. The slower the vibration, the more solid things are, like that chair you’re sitting on, or that table that is hold my tablet, or, uh, us.

May 6, 2017
Today was a class mixed in with craziness around the shop.

May 2, 2017
And speaking of creativity, did you know that I had the idea for GPS long before it was invented? Really. And it came in a dream. 

May 1, 2017
We hear a lot of things telling us to clear our minds. Mostly, I remember Yoda telling that to Luke… “Clear your mind. Now reach out with your senses.” Effectively, it is what I do when I work. I clear my mind, which allows energy to enter, and then I reach out with those energies to assess someone, or treat someone. But this idea is not just for energy workers. It is for everyone.

April 6, 2017
Today was the second of Imelda’s classes in Sacred Emergence, and today’s activation was powerful.

April 3, 2017
In a class recently, we received a couple very broad messages. I felt they should be passed on and expanded on if I can.

April 2, 2017
There have been a few comments made to me recently that made me wonder about why we came up with these words that we use.

April 1, 2017
Many of us are control freaks, in fact, I'd bet most of us. We like things to work a specific way, a pattern we are used to, something recognizable predictable. But many times, things don't go as planned. Let's say you stepped in the shower expecting the usual nice hot water shower that gets you going in the morning. But something happened and the hot water heater broke and all you have is a cold mess. Yes, things happen that are unpredictable. Things go wrong. And these things upset the balance of the universe, at least for us individually. And of course, they are out of our control.

March 2, 2017
I was watching a program on TV last night that displayed something I thought to be profound. It said, “No man chooses evil because it is evil, he only mistakes it for happiness.” Wow.

March 1, 2017
I was getting coffee the other day and had parked on the side of the building. After I came back with my cup of Joe, I saw that I had to back out into the drive-thru line to get out. Thankfully, someone was kind enough to let me back out, but I still had to wait for the line to progress until I could actually leave it to go toward the exit. Now there was one person ahead that watched the car ahead of them pull up twice and did not pull up to match. They sat there with two car lengths between them. Unfortunately, because they had not pulled up, there were a couple of us that could not leave until they did.

February 3, 2017
We have all heard about Murphy’s law, which was created by Air Force Captain Edward A. Murphy, an engineer working on a project designed to see how much sudden deceleration a person can stand in a crash. When it didn’t work, he uttered the phrase “Well, if anything can go wrong it will.” That became known as Murphy’s Law.

February 2, 2017
There has been a lot of talk and press about the large amounts of celebrities dying. While recent ones we have lost have “been up there in years”, many in the last year have not. And lately, they seem to be going left and right. But while we hear of celebrity deaths a lot, we have to know that they are not the only ones leaving this physical plane.

February 1, 2017
Massage Therapists. What Do They Do? There has been a lot of information changing about massage in the last few years, but the majority of the people still do not know what it is, or what it can do. The same is true for massage therapists. Well, let’s start at the beginning. Massage is the systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. The goal can be many things from relaxation to helping those return from injury. It is scientific and quantitative, but on an individual level.

January 20, 2017
While it has been an interesting set of exercises we have done, there was one session where we were in pairs. We had to trance, tell our partner what energies we were going to be healing them with, do healing, and then tell what was done… all from spirit.

January 1, 2017
It seems each year, I start out with an article on newness. And I guess I can't resist doing it again. After all, with the turn of the clock, 2016 will fade into the sunset, only the things that happened will remain in our minds. The yea ritself will be gone forever. And at that moment, the year 2017 will begin.