Ethereal Journal 2003

December 9, 2003
I came to a decision the other day. I decided that I would stop separating my two major pieces of business.

December 8, 2003
I have to apologize to those that look forward to the posting of these entries.

December 7, 2003
I did my eighth hot stone massage today. I now need two more to get my certification.

December 6, 2003
I have done so much traveling lately, I feel like I need to be surgically unattached from my car seat. But while I was in it, I did some interesting energy work.

December 5, 2003
I have suspected for some time that there is something watching out for me. Aside from the trip out of town, and as silly as the circumstance sounds, I know now for sure.

December 4, 2003
I have had a lot of moving experiences lately.

December 3, 2003
Well, it has definitely been an interesting couple of days. I traveled out of town to visit a friend and do some bodywork. Between yesterday and today, I have done three bodies, cleared away three evil entities, and did some massive energy work. Just another normal weekend, NOT!

November 22, 2003
I’ve talked many times before about shielding against negative energies. What about shielding against positive energies?

November 19, 2003
I was at a meeting tonight, and heard from several people about the person I worked on the other night.

November 12, 2003
A friend had gotten a request for help from someone she knows. This person claimed to be blocked and was looking for someone who could help her. She told my friend that she understood Reiki, and needed something more than a Reiki master. I think she got what she was looking for.

November 5, 2003
When my wife was in Boston, Massachusetts on business, she took a day trip to Salem. She brought back two t-shirts for me. I've found that one of them has been very appropriate. It says 'Out of Body - Back in 5 Minutes'. For two days now, I have felt like I am not all here, out of body. I'm just starting to wonder when I'll be back.

November 4, 2003
A couple days ago, I told about a dream that showed me being ill, and getting better. It took the realizations that I was ill to make me realize I was getting better. But how many others out there are ill? How many are in situations that are making them ill without realizing it?

November 1, 2003
I believe that I have had my revelation. It came in a dream, and took my wife to interpret it.

October 25, 2003
I was given an interesting tidbit of information today. I love the way the universe has its own way of validating things.

October 24, 2003
Now it is getting interesting. On my way to my soon-to-be-over day job, I tried calling a friend on my cell phone. There was a lot of static, and noise. I tried a couple more times, and I actually made a connection, but couldn't hear past the noise. I eventually gave up. I just figured that my service was having a problem, and took a moment to curse my provider.

October 23, 2003
I was talking with Acaysha tonight, and mentioned my dream the other night. She passed on information from her angels.

October 22, 2003
I got to talk about Reiki tonight to a group of Pagans (not related to the motorcycle gang). Now, you may be wondering the same thing my coworker did when I told her. She commented that it seemed that this was a contradiction in ideas. Well, that is not true.

October 21, 2003
I had a very strange dream last night. And no, this is not related to my last one about solar flares. In fact if you are reading this at all, it is because it turned out good. If not, it wouldn't be here at all, and I am typing for my own amusement.

October 20, 2003
I was talking with Acaysha, and mentioned to her about my dream the other night, the one about sunspots.

October 17, 2003
I woke up having a strange dream, but then again, yes all of my dreams are strange. I was flying in a starship (no, not that starship), and I was watching unusual sun activity. I was watching sunspots and solar flares emerge from the sun (or whatever star it was). I also knew that they would cause problems for the planet, whatever planet it was, but believe it was earth.

October 10, 2003
Well, we've talked about pulling in energy from various location to do various things. Usually , this is for shielding or some other energy work. But, why not just do it for strength, like to make yourself stronger for a moment?

October 8, 2003
A friend and I were talking about holes in our lives, what we do to create them, and how we refill them. Hmm, anyone have a shovel?

October 7, 2003
In the words of Charlie Brown, "good grief. " (And no, I'm not starting a habit of quoting cartoon characters. I like quoting live beings, especially if they're three feet tall and carry a lightsaber. ) But, I guess grief isn't good, nor bad, it just is.

October 6, 2003
As I write this entry, it has only been a few hours. It is hard to keep my eyes focused on what I type, but I need to do it now. A little over 21 years ago, a small four legged soul came into our lives. She brought with her joy, sorrow, lots of love, and a feistiness that stayed with her up until she moved on this morning.

September 29, 2003
I got an e-mail from a contact in New England today. It had to do with her husband's broken leg, or rather healed leg.

September 28, 2003
Today was a very interesting day. I did two healings in Lake City on my way back from Gainesville.

September 27, 2003
We had (what I felt) was a very good workshop today, which marked a good start as it was my first time. I was a little disappointed that there were only 10 people attending, including a couple that I was hoping to see again, but it was fun. I titled the workshop 'Feeling and Using Energies' or 'Using the Force 101'.

September 19, 2003
One thing Kay taught us a long time ago was about protecting one's home, energetically. I think its time to pass it on here.

September 18, 2003
Fate. Predestination. The universe. Maybe even God. Basically, things move in strange ways. Sometimes we move ahead because we study, and learn, and climb, and claw our way ahead. Other times, we need to be kicked in the ass (pardon my French) to take that step that gets us going in the right direction.

September 13, 2003
For a while now, I have been finding it hard to calm. This has to do with the stress from my job as we enter the football season (I work for a football team). But, I found it very strange that there is one place that I can feel very calm, and pull calming down through me. This is when I exercise.

September 11, 2003
I had a call this morning from a friend who had gotten bad news about her grandfather.

September 2, 2003
I had a reading tonight as I was starting to accumulate questions based on my last reading and some things that have been happening. Readings are always interesting, and they come up with the most fun things.

September 1, 2003
One of my students asked a question that I have never been asked, yet, it made perfect sense to ask it. I had to think about the answer, but I finally did come up with one, and according to James, the right one.

August 31, 2003
James told me a very neat story yesterday about an impromptu healing he did.

August 27, 2003
We do shielding to protect ourselves, but from what? Mostly, we shield from negative energies, but why not other things?

August 24, 2003
I'm ready now. It's time, time to start moving forward, time to turn on that transmitter and broadcast this to the universe.

August 22, 2003
So, who believes in miracles? Do miracles happen? If they do, why don't they happen to us? Is it because we don't notice, or because we don't let them happen?

August 21, 2003
With all the 'newer', more powerful diseases that have appeared in the past decade or two, you'd think that medical science would have found a cure to cancer by now. I mean with Ebola and AIDS, cancer should be a nothing when compared to them. Why isn't there a cure? Maybe the people trying to come up with a cure don't have faith.

August 20, 2003
I was talking with one of my students tonight just to tell her about the e-mail I had sent off. During the conversation, I mentioned that I would be having a Reiki 3 class before too, too long. She told me that both her, and her sister have already been attuned by another teacher.

August 19, 2003
Well, the date has been set. Finally. I am holding my first out of town workshop at the end of next month, September 27th to be exact. Thanks to the help and prodding of Dee Mitchell, I will be giving a workshop on energy in Gainesville, Florida.

August 18, 2003
Ok, the panic is over, at least for the most part. I should now be discovering time. Time? What is that?

August 6, 2003
Keeping up a journal and web site is harder than I thought, especially when dealing with outside links.

August 5, 2003
I had a nice surprise this evening. I got a phone call from each of my students that I taught on Sunday.

August 4, 2003
Well, it finally happened. I raised my prices... on some things.

August 3, 2003
Remember last week I talked about getting a call for someone to come meet me and see if my energies would work with theirs? Well, that led to a Reiki 1 class today.

July 29, 2003
There was a post on ReikiAloha not too long ago that talked about being humble. The poster worked with someone that had said he was humble, and the poster didn't think it was a jest. Ooook. Isn't that a contradiction in terms?

July 28, 2003
I had an interesting call tonight. The lady that called was looking to take classes if she felt my energies would mesh with hers.

July 27, 2003
Today, I was supposed to be picking up my recordings from yesterday, and returning home from Port St. Lucie. Since however John told me he had been asked to fill in for a performance yesterday evening, and wouldn't be able to finish the CDs, I came back last night so I could attend a funeral (well, ceremony actually).

July 26, 2003
I had my first real recording session today, and then met someone from where I live that was taking a class from Acaysha. It was very interesting.

July 25, 2003
I drove down to Port St. Lucie tonight (or as Acaysha calls it, Port St. Lousy) to spend some time in a recording studio. This is to record my voice tracks for my meditation CDs. As I got there tonight, I stopped at Acaysha's to visit for a bit, and while there had a reading from her friend Kathie Jo.

July 22, 2003
For a while now, one of my friends has been suffering with cancer. I got word this morning that he died.

July 20, 2003
Today, I did my first 'psychic reading', or actually channeling session for someone else. This was very, very, interesting as I've never done this before, at least not for anyone out of the blue.

July 19, 2003
I taught a Reiki 2 class today to two students. I was supposed to have five, but it got paired down again. One concern was that one of the ones that didn't make it was someone who needed this and the next class for CEUs. Since any attempt to contact her has not been successful, I will have to let it pass, and know that she is taking care of her own needs.

July 1, 2003
I just completed two nights of Reiki 1. I had one student who was doing a lot of natural healing beforehand.

June 29, 2003
I did an outcall massage today up at Amelia Island. For those not in this area, Amelia Island is a very nice vacation place for those that have money. To say the least, my appointment was at the Ritz Carlton hotel.

June 21, 2003
I gave my first Reiki 1 class today where CEUs were involved. I had four students (there were supposed to be six). Two are massage therapists, and (obviously) two were not. Of the therapists, one is Melanie, the person I go to (and we are dealing with partial barter), and the other was from Orlando.

June 4, 2003
I did a Reiki session last night, but in doing this, I found out more about myself than anything else.

May 30, 2003
It was a very neat time at the Reiki conference this last weekend, but it was strange as well. Well, it is always strange with me because I am strange, but this was a little different.

May 29, 2003
As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the things I leaned to help me with my massage boards was to draw the meridian clock. Meridians are energy pathways that run through the body. Each meridian has several points that have specific functions. By releasing Chi from various points, the body can be ‘adjusted’ and brought back to full health. The clock is a good way to relate the meridians with the times Chi passes through each one, as well as the elements, the seasons, and the Yin and Yang.

May 28, 2003
A little while ago, I got off the phone with my friend, Jan, in Maryland that has cancer. Three weeks ago, when I was there, I worked on him. He really liked the session. He said that had made him feel more relaxed than he had in a long time. He was amazed at the heat coming from my hands. Two days after I saw him, he got suddenly worse.

May 26, 2003
After having slept a good portion of the day, and then doing some chores, I decided to check my e-mail. I got into an IM conversation with my friend, Amy, who was in an IM conversation with someone asking about blocked chakras.

May 25, 2003
Reiki Conference - Day 3, This day turned out to be almost more eventful than yesterday, although it was to be a short day. I started out by talking with the person I had worked on last night. She told me that she felt whole again, something she had not felt in years. Cool. I hope that continues to continue.

May 24, 2003
Reiki Conference - Day 2, The conference started today with an acupuncturist. (One thing neat was that I done a short massage on her before she started talking.)

May 23, 2003
Reiki Conference - Day 1, This was a fun day. After dealing with what appeared to be bad computer karma yesterday, today started out a little smoother, although later than I had wanted. I was running late, and then I started collating what I had copied off late last night. When I got to the conference it was about two hours later than I had wanted to and after a two hour drive.

May 22, 2003
After getting off work late, I am finally packed and ready to head to this year’s Reiki conference. The conference is directed by Dee Mitchell and the Gainesville Reiki Assembly. Between Dee, and Janet, and Becky, they manage to create a wonderful environment for healing, and meeting other healers.

May 12, 2003
I just got my notification and provider number form the Board of Massage.

May 6, 2003
I am in Maryland tonight on vacation. I just got to see a friend of mine from high school. In fact he's the only friend that I still have from high school. He has cancer, and has anywhere from six months to two years.

April 25, 2003
Last night, I got a call from my teacher who had been helping guide me through the application process for the Board meeting yesterday. She was at the meeting and had some comments for me.

April 24, 2003
Today was a very interesting day. I appeared before the Florida State Board of Massage over my application to teach Reiki and give CEUs (Continuing Education Units) to massage therapists. There have been a lot of things going on that could have made this an interesting event.

April 23, 2003
Well tomorrow should be interesting. I will be appearing before the Board of Massage over my application to teach Reiki and give CEUs (Continuing Education Units) to massage therapists.

April 20, 2003
I was online last night, when an AOL/IM window opened with someone looking for a Reiki master.

April 13, 2003
A strange thing happened at the end of class yesterday. I ended up answering some questions to demonstrate some different things. In effect, I was doing a reading.

April 12, 2003
I taught a Reiki 1 class today with two people.

March 30, 2003
I did another massage tonight. I am enjoying this when I do it as it is such a positive experience.

March 29, 2003
After planning, and plotting, and hoping, I finally managed to have a third Reiki share. The real neat thing is that there were seven people that showed up.

March 25, 2003
I got a call the other day and scheduled a Reiki healing for tonight. My client had received Reiki some time ago in another area of the state. He told me that it left him with a very euphoric feeling. He said that he was floating so much that the people there would not let him drive home until he came down a bit.

March 22, 2003
I taught Reiki 2 today to one person with the aid of another. Even though the class was small, it was good, and it was fun.

March 17, 2003
About a week ago, I got the dates for the Reiki conference this year.

March 16, 2003
I really need to get this down before I forget it. Or maybe I should say before I forget more of it.

March 11, 2003
I’ve had to move my hot stone class. My boss told me that they scheduled something at work for the same weekend. Great.

March 10, 2003
Well, surprise, surprise. I just had my first repeat customer.

March 9, 2003
Today was the day of the memorial service for Kay at her church. It was also the day for the 'last class'. Helen was kind enough to offer driving through the nasty weather. This same weather kept a lot of people away.

March 8, 2003
Tonight was fun. I had my first Massage Party tonight.

March 4, 2003
Back on January 28th, I had mentioned having a dream. After reading the journal posting, Helen sent me this...

March 3, 2003
I was sitting at my desk today when I had a surprise. I got a call out of the blue to come do a massage... tonight. And strangely enough, it was not from anyone I know.

February 27, 2003
In calling people and telling them the news about Kay, I was surprised with what one of her students told me. She had gone to my site after not being there for a long time. She had read my entire journal from beginning to end.

February 26, 2003
I have been having a strange time with students lately. For the last class, I had the one student that I scheduled a strange time for and then cancelled.

February 25, 2003
I had my real first outcall massage Saturday night (February 22nd), at least one that called for massage instead of Reiki.

February 24, 2003
Something strange happened tonight. (Ok, I can everyone’s grimace from here as you say that everything that happens to me is strange.)  I got a phone call in the middle of the day and scheduled a massage... for tonight.

February 23, 2003
It has been hard in the last couple of days. I have been a contact point for some people for information. Its been hard enough for me to deal with it, but know I am having to be the strong one as I listen to others cry as I talk with them on then phone.

February 22, 2003
A few weeks ago, I wrote everyone I could to let them know that my teacher and Reiki master, Kay Mora had been taken to the hospital and to ask them to send energy and pray. Through those weeks there has been good news and there has been bad news.

February 21, 2003
The information that I was last updated with told me that the doctors were going to do some tests yesterday, and make a decision today. I was not aware what decision they were looking at making.

February 18, 2003
They moved Kay to Shands Hospital in Gainesville yesterday because they think their facilities are better for helping her. They feel this might be a long process.

February 15, 2003
I taught an interesting Reiki 1 class today. This is not to say that all my classes aren't interesting, but this one had some challenges.

February 10, 2003
I heard from Annie today telling me Kay is not doing well. Apparently, her kidneys have stopped functioning.

February 5, 2003
I was just told that my teacher, Kay, went into the hospital the other day. Apparently, she was bleeding , so they rushed her to Flaggler Hospital in St. Augustine where she had emergency surgery.

February 2, 2003
Well, I have made my class reservations, now I need to worry about a motel.

February 1, 2003
This is not the way I had wanted to start a new month. As I sit here watching the images coming across the television screen, and this feeling of deja vu comes over me, I can’t help but cry.

January 31, 2003
Physical Problem or Fashion Sense? Now that I think I've caught everyone's eye with a 'what the frell is he talking about', I will elaborate.

January 30, 2003
I talked with Carolyn the other night about things that were going on. For whatever reason, she started talking about how she liked my journal. Some her comments I thought were just nice, but there was one that surprised me.

January 29, 2003
I did an exchange of massage last night with a licensed therapist. It was fun, and surprising.

January 28, 2003
I had a strange dream the other night. Let's rephrase that as most of my dreams are strange... I had a very unusual dream the other night that bordered on possible reality.

January 27, 2003
Yesterday, I got a call from my friend Lisa, in New York. She is trying to set up a healing center in the Albany area, and was looking for land. She has some property picked out, and came to me for a little divining.

January 26, 2003
We attract what we project. Think about it.

January 25, 2003
Today I took another step in trying to promote my business. I finished filling out forms and sent them to the Board of Massage along with a check for $250. If these are approved, I'll be able to offer continuing education units to massage therapists who take Reiki from me.

January 24, 2003
I got an e-mail from Kellye today telling me how they felt after the Reiki massage the other day. She said that they slept like babies because they were so fully relaxed. It was an enlightening experience.

January 23, 2003
I was reading on today, and came across an entry that was relating an epiphany that actually shocked the writer.

January 18, 2003
Today marks an historic occasion. I did my first one-hour out call massage.

January 17, 2003
I have been talking with Kathleen about her son's health. A month or so ago she described a situation where he was creating energy, but not allowing it to go to his whole body. I had looked and found several blocks, but since he knew her touch, she didn't want to anyone else going in and doing healing work. She felt that it would make him nervous. I had respected this wish, until today.

January 11, 2003
Today was the second slow fair in a row. When Kay is trying to make a living, and I’m starting a business, the slow fairs absolutely do not help. I pretty much expected the slow fair last month as it was only ten days before Christmas. This month, I had however expected things to pick up.

January 6, 2003
I got e-mail from Acaysha. She wanted to let me know that the three people I sent healing to are doing much better.

January 3, 2003
As a Reiki master, I get requests for distant healing all the time. Many come from friends. Many more come from friends that are in groups. For instance, people requesting healing will send to the Gainesville Reiki group. Dee will compile these, and send them out to her the practitioners that are on her mailing list.

January 2, 2003
As I probably said many times through these journal entries, I learned my first massage moves from my friend Carolyn when we were both living in Maryland. She taught me the basics of massage while I taught her the basics of energy work.

January 1, 2003
It is the beginning of a new year. Ring out with the old, ring in with the new? Yes and no.