Ethereal Journal 2004

December 29, 2004
I get e-mails from lots of sources asking me to merge with a massive group consciousness by taking a moment at a certain time and date, and sending energy for a particular cause. Usually, it's a noble idea, but in actuality, it's not an easy thing to do. I think I've come up with a way of doing something similar that will be independent of time and date done, and only take a few seconds of your time. So, if you want to help the greater consciousness, continue reading.

December 19, 2004
Well I did it again. I went out holiday shopping.

December 18, 2004
I was in a store today, and there was child crying. What happened next was actually quite amusing.

December 10, 2004
I had something funny happen today. Two representatives form the phone company stopped by to show me how I could save money by adding more services. While we were there signing the papers, we got to talking about other things, including “what is Reiki?”

December 5, 2004
Moving forward. What is involved with moving forward? Well, I think a good part of it has to do with letting go. Now, what is involved with letting go?

December 4, 2004
What do you believe in? How rooted are you in your beliefs? Are you willing to change them? No? What if you are given information that contradicts your beliefs? No? What if that information is irrefutable? I guess the real question is “Are we willing to learn, and change based on new information? ”

December 3, 2004
After putting up the history information I found in William Rand’s book, I found a letter on his site ( that was written by a Reiki master that had been promoted by Phyllis Furumoto (and paid $10,000 for the privilege). She was there shortly after Takata died, and when Furumoto decided that she would follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and be the head of Reiki. (Based on the previous history, we know that Takata was not the head of Reiki. This was only something she maintained.) What this reveals is an extremely interesting look at the current mindset at the supposed leadership of Reiki.

December 2, 2004
Well, I had to come back to it one more time. I wrote the International Center for Reiki Healing, William Rand’s organization, with questions about attunements and where the Reiki is turned on. I got a response from Jan, which clarifies a lot of things.

December 1, 2004
I got a call today to do a massage. It was kind of interesting.

November 29, 2004
I’m going to tackle this one more time. I say that everyone has the ability to do Reiki, and can learn to do it without having an attunement. Most, if not all other Reiki masters will tell you differently. Well, I have a couple places in William Rand’s book I want to point out to you.

November 28, 2004
I have been reading “Reiki, The Healing Touch” by William Rand. This book was lent to me by one of my students, and has been quite an eye-opener, especially where the Reiki history is concerned. What we have learned so far is more like the Reiki myth than history. I will be updating the history section of this site as soon as I can, but in the meantime, I think you might find this information very interesting.

November 24, 2004
I did a massage today. The story of how this came about is pretty interesting.

November 23, 2004
I had a person walk in off the street today looking for a massage. I got to use a lot of the new toys.

November 22, 2004
I just finished the advanced Lomi Lomi class in Plantation, Florida. It was a fun, yet intense class as there was a lot to learn.

November 10, 2004
Well, I’m now keeping score. With the last set of classes, I started handing out a form to let the students grade me. The scoring and the comments have been most interesting and appreciated.

November 8, 2004
One of my students has been having a lot of questions, and has been doing huge amount of research to try to answer those questions. A lot of what she has been finding has contradicted other things she has found. She came down to questions about attunements and hand positions. Those questions she asked me, and I responded with the following...

November 6, 2004
For a while now, I have been seeing and hearing about online classes that teach Reiki. I find the concept very interesting, yet scary.

November 5, 2004
What are other Reiki teachers teaching? Do they really know what they’re doing? Are they really teaching with the student in mind? How about healing? Or is it all for money? Ok, it’s rant time again. But don’t go away, I think you will find some useful tips on finding a teacher after I’m done screaming.

November 3, 2004
Last night, something came to me. It was a stroke of brilliance, so I know it didn’t originate from me. What came to me was a short thought on the learning process, or how one learns.

October 30, 2004
I taught my first Reiki 3 class for CEUs today. It went quite well.

October 27, 2004
Well, I’m going out on a limb now. In fact it’s a very long, very thin limb. I’m going to talk about God. Or to put it better, I’m going to talk about theories on God, or Gods, and Goddesses, and more. Now before you start making the sign of the cross, or tracing hexes on your computer screen, read on. You might actually find some of this interesting.

October 24, 2004
It has been a pretty good last two days. I have taught two Reiki 1 classes, and done three massages.

October 21, 2004
What’s bugging you? No, really. What’s bugging you? Is it... is it... is it bugs? ? !! Ok, here’s another Kay-ism.

October 20, 2004
We talked about intention. What about focus? How focused are you when it comes to doing a task?

October 19, 2004
Intention. I know I’ve talked about intent/intention before, but it is something that bears repeating.

October 18, 2004
About a week ago, I mentioned a friend that had been attacked, and how I talked with her into the wee hours of the morning. One thing I didn’t mention was that when I was with her some time ago, I did massage on her.

October 17, 2004
One more word on Christopher Reeve.

October 16, 2004
I’m starting to go through a bout of depression. Sitting in the shop for five days straight with no customers will do that. Then missing one customer by missing a phone call by less than five minutes, well that just set it off. It’s got me thinking about levels of vibration and how they affect us, or we them.

October 14, 2004
Miracles do happen. Truly. I talked with two of my students yesterday, and each told me a story of doing Reiki not long after their class. And the results were amazing.

October 13, 2004
I got two pieces of mail yesterday. Between the two of them, they say something.

October 12, 2004
Free will of the soul. What is it? Well, it’s the soul’s ability to make decisions for the good or the bad. What can we do about it? Nothing.

October 11, 2004
This entry is going to be a change over what I usually write in here. I was told this morning of the death of actor Christopher Reeve. Saddened as I am by the news, I see his life being a lesson here for everyone whether they are lightworkers or not. But it is truly a lesson for those that are.

October 10, 2004
A few years ago, a friend showed me how to sense other’s emotions and mental state. I used it now and then after I learned, but then eased off. Lately, I have been doing it quite a bit more.

October 9, 2004
Well, classes are coming together again. I just set a date for a Reiki 1 class, and I suddenly have two students.

October 8, 2004
I’ve decided that since I don’t do technical work anymore, I’m becoming addle-brained. Ok, so some of you are asking questions like “what do you mean becoming?”

October 7, 2004
Something new happened tonight. I got hit by a walk in Sage-ing.

October 6, 2004
Well, I’m really tired today. It probably has something to do with being online and on the phone until 2am this morning. I have a friend that needed someone to talk to, and I was it.

October 4, 2004
One of my clients/students was in this evening for some training. Every now and then, she picks up information from her guides and passes that along to the people that need to hear it. Tonight, the message was for me, and it dealt with storms.

October 3, 2004
I have said that it is scary how organized I am with the business. Here’s another example... For some time now, I have been tracking new business. This is so I know what is bringing people into the shop, so I can continue to put the advertising where it will do the most good.

October 2, 2004
I taught Reiki 1 to four students today, and it was a wonderful time.

October 1, 2004
I had a client come in today that wanted REAL DEEP pressure in their massage. OK, now, where did I put that steam roller?

September 27, 2004
I traveled home today from Plantation. Although there wasn’t a lot of damage from the hurricane along I-95, there was enough to give one an idea of how devastating the storm was.

September 26, 2004
I just finished a class in Lomi Lomi massage in Plantation, Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale). I found it to be a very neat style with a huge range of pressure settings.

September 25, 2004
Well, I am now in Plantation, Florida, just outside of Ft. Lauderdale. The drive down here yesterday was pleasant, but I was concerned as there is a hurricane hitting nearby that could have hit here.

September 20, 2004
To meddle, or not to meddle? That is the question. There is an old saying... Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are quick to anger, and have no need for subtlety.

September 19, 2004
One more word on weather (whether you want to hear it or not)... (This is a story Kay had told. )

September 18, 2004
A couple nights ago, I was working with Scott to help him remove a self-created block that kept him from seeing the dark entities around him. He felt that if he couldn’t see them, he wouldn’t be afraid (and the fear would draw them in). (Now, I wouldn’t make comments about that being ostrich-like in nature... or... would I?) What happened afterward led to an interesting discussion which, with a day’s passing turned his skepticism turn into true belief.

September 16, 2004
I have had strange, frightening dreams the last two nights. The fact that the weather is doing what it is, and we are trying to fight off the coming storms, just has not helped.

September 14, 2004
I was having an interesting conversation with my client during her massage yesterday. She was asking questions about the things that are in this journal. She was talking about some of the things I had done that are recorded here, like the healings, the ghostbusting, projection to other people to help them. Then she said something along the lines of “You’ve done a lot of wonderful, helpful things. Aren’t you proud of what you have done?” I stopped for a second. Proud? No. Absolutely not! That’s the last bloody thing I want to be!

September 13, 2004
Today, I did two massages and a Reiki session. Both the massages went well, and the Reiki session was just great. And as unexpected, the second massage person tells the lady waiting for her Reiki session just how wonderful I am . ::shaking head as I look at the bar - way up there::

September 11, 2004
This is getting ridiculous. I always do my best work, but now I’m trying to meet everyone’s hyped expectations.

September 10, 2004
I did two massages today, both on people who had seen my sign while driving down the street. Cool.

September 8, 2004
All right, I guess it’s time to talk about storms and super storms and dark entities and so forth.

September 7, 2004
I thought I had done this before, but I can’t find anything in my journal that deals specifically with earth changes. I know I have mentioned them here and there, but I thought I had dedicated one entry to it. Apparently not. So, I guess it’s time for that.

September 6, 2004
Yesterday was by far our worst day with hurricane Frances. But we’re still here and in one piece.

September 5, 2004
Well, the hurricane hit land yesterday, down in Vero Beach. Thankfully, the strength of it had changed from a category 4 to a category 2, then a category 1. I firmly believe that the group I had contacted was responsible for that.

September 4, 2004
Usually (at least lately), I write these journal entries a few days before I do a ‘release’, so I am writing about things in the past. Keep that in mind as I say the following. A lot has happened over the last several days, which will be recounted in the next few day’s entries. It all started with a hurricane named Frances.

September 3, 2004
Well, good news has happened. I made rent, and most of the expenses.

September 2, 2004
As the storm gets closer, I keep watching the weather channel, and pushing at the storm.

September 1, 2004
Well, now I’ve seen it all. Uhh, well, maybe not. Would you believe that a storm could be controlled by something dark?

August 31, 2004
Well, I did an interesting thing last night, prompted by a friend’s e-mail. I e-mailed several people to get them to be a (sort of) storm steering committee.

August 30, 2004
Well, it is happening again. Another hurricane is headed toward Florida. This time it is aimed at Vero Beach, where a friend lives.

August 29, 2004
It has been a spectacular weekend teaching.

August 27, 2004
I had an interesting thing happen. The other day, I worked on a client that came in because she was passing by and had gotten overbooked by the person she was seeing (another field). Last night, she called me and told me of all the pain she had been in the evening after I worked on her, and how much she was still hurting. I sat there with my mouth hanging open for a bit, but once it snapped shut, I started thinking and asking questions.

August 26, 2004
Intuition. Is it psychic ability? Is it a special something only some people get? Or is it just noticing when things happen, that reading of the energy waves, and believing it?

August 25, 2004
I had a nice surprise this morning. I opened up the studio, and had someone walk in asking for a massage. Neat.

August 24, 2004
Well, I’m excited. I just got a call from two of my Reiki 1 students from this spring. They are coming to the Reiki 2 class Sunday.

August 23, 2004
Last weekend, we had a Reiki 1 class under the threat of a hurricane. I just heard from my student-to-be in Orlando. She didn’t come up as the storm was said to be going directly there. It wasn’t until today that I had half a clue about the damage it caused there.

August 21, 2004
Well it happened again. Jessica took another Reiki course.

August 18, 2004
I got a call today from someone asking about a Reiki class. She said that she had been thinking about learning Reiki for some time, but had just not made the effort to look for someone. What made her decide to do it now, and with me, was a phone call she had received from her friend, Debra... in Washington, DC.

August 14, 2004
Steering a hurricane. Interesting idea. Here’s how it went.

August 13, 2004
Today, I taught Reiki 1. The number of students that were to be attending kept going up and down. And then there was this minor occurrence called hurricane Charley.

August 12, 2004
Reiki classes. All of a sudden, I have potential students appearing out of nowhere.

August 10, 2004
Well I think I’m finally decided on continuing education. I’m looking at Lomi Lomi and Myofascial. Neat stuff.

August 3, 2004
The massage business has been slow. Last month I barely made rent, but did not make other expenses. It looks like this month is starting out the same way, with one difference... I’m getting a lot of calls for classes.

August 1, 2004
Jessica went to work today, and told the people there about her class. This of course prompted people to be asking her to work on them.

July 31, 2004
I have a friend in Ft. Lauderdale that I have never met, but talked with frequently. She is very sensitive and very powerful as far as energy goes. I have taught her a few things over the phone and internet. During one of these conversations, I told her about Reiki. Well, today, she took a Reiki 1 class, and was very impressed.

July 30, 2004
The lady that I had such an interesting time doing massage on, on the 17th, came back today. This was neat because she had been searching for a therapist, and her last one had hurt her. She told me that she felt sore for two days afterwards. She said that with all I pounded her on her last visit, she hadn’t felt sore at all. Cool. Well, that is what I aim for. This time, she had some of the same problems, but had some new ones that came down to energy.

July 17, 2004
I had an interesting massage session today. One of the two ladies I worked on had some interesting problems, and it came down to some interesting solutions.

July 15, 2004
I’ve been rereading the posts that I’ve written over the last several days. Most of them seem to have a similar theme… Balance. A few have other points, like believing and not fearing. Or controlling emotions to remain in… uhh… balance.

July 14, 2004
I had two interesting things happen today. The first was an Instant Messenger (IM) chat with someone in the UK. The second was an IM chat with a friend of mine that was short, but it said a lot.

July 10, 2004
Rollercoasters. Do you like rollercoasters? I like rollercoasters. They start at a mid point, and then they climb up. Then suddenly, they go down, and the up, and then down again. I like to watch them. I don’t like to ride them. So, why do I?

July 9, 2004
I had an e-mail today by a former student of Kay’s. It was really great to hear from her, but the circumstances of how it got here are quite interesting.

July 8, 2004
I wanted to let you all know that I have been having problems with my e-mail system. The problem could cause me to lose e-mail from anyone mailing me. The problem could cause me to not reply to questions about classes or any services. The problem is... SPAM. Yes, it’s a rant, and it’s not about the product by Hormel.

July 4, 2004
I have to get this down before too much of it fades away. I can still see the images, and the faces. And they are frightening.

June 28, 2004
I had a friend of mine looked at my energies the other day and told me that my third chakra was cold. The third chakra is the one that deals with thinking.

June 27, 2004
What is the trick? Are there so many mundane people on this planet that don’t feel anything around them. Are so many people so focused or just so blind?

June 26, 2004
I went down to Orlando today to walk through the dealer’s room... er... exhibitor’s hall (they only call them dealers rooms at science fiction conventions) at the Florida State Massage Therapy (FSMTA) convention. I must have misplaced the registration form that supposedly came in April, so I really couldn’t go to the other functions. The dealer’s room was interesting, and I got some good bargains.

June 25, 2004
Welcome to Fantasy Island. Uhh. . No. Before some short person jumps out and announces the arrival of some aircraft, I think I’d better do more in explanation.

June 24, 2004
I had a call from a lady in Washington DC today trying to locate my teacher, Kay. This is the second time in a couple of weeks now.

June 23, 2004
Give me strength. Really. Put some in a bottle, send it through the air, just empower me. Uh-huh. Why should I be dependent on you to be empowered? Shouldn’t I be able to empower myself? Exactly.

June 22, 2004
I did a blindfolded massage today. This is where the subject can’t see what I’m doing. Just kidding.

June 21, 2004
We’ve talked a lot about light and dark, about good and evil. But what makes them good and evil? What about truth and lies, honesty and dishonesty?

June 20, 2004
Okay. I've waited long enough. I feel I need to sound off again. I don't do this very often (uh huh, right). So, maybe I do, but it's still time to do it again.

June 19, 2004
We all have insights into various things. These insights usually come from questions being asked, or formulated. Some come from unique places, like the music one listens to.

June 18, 2004
Interestingly enough, I’ve made rent and expenses for June now, although I haven’t done enough work to do so.

June 12, 2004
I taught Reiki 1 today, and during that time something uniquely interesting happened.

June 10, 2004
A friend of mine came over today, and I got re-attuned.

June 5, 2004
My wife and I helped a friend move from one apartment to another today. Now, just looking at it, that doesn’t seem to belong in a journal that deals with energies. Well, read on.

June 1, 2004
I’m impressed. I made rent and other expenses for May.

May 29, 2004
Mind over matter. We’ve heard that term forever, but usually as the butt end of some joke. Mind over matter. Yes, in most cases, my mind doesn’t matter. See? Mind over matter. This is the ability to convince oneself, or empower oneself to do things that are above the ordinary simply by concentrating.

May 28, 2004
Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try. All right, I’ve used this phrase a lot. Spoken by the character Yoda, it is one of my favorite quotes from the Star Wars movie series. In fact it’s right up there with “Flying through hyperspace ain’t like dustin’ crops.” However, the first one is very motivational. But, what the hell is that little green fella talking about?

May 25, 2004
It was a very strange night talking with Jessica on Instant Messenger (IM). All of a sudden she told me that I needed to teach her something. My mind did its usual thing, it went blank.

May 17, 2004
I had an unusual confirmation today. It’s nice to get confirmations. They happen so infrequently.

May 16, 2004
For a few years now, I’ve been working on meditations to be put on CD.

May 15, 2004
Well this night turned out to be interesting. I did a channeling session out of the blue. I got a call tonight from a lady that had gotten a reading from Kaimora one time when she was in Maine. Her husband had recently lost his job, and she wished Kay were around to give her some guidance, and surprisingly enough, she was.

May 14, 2004
I finally talked with Dante tonight, and (thankfully) things are ok.

May 11, 2004
Tonight, I had a client that has a lot of problems, and he's come to me for help. Something has drawn him to me. As I have said over the years, there are no accidents. Now, I only hope to be able to give him the help he needs.

May 9, 2004
Someone I used to work with came in for bodywork today. She was in great need.

May 8, 2004
I had a very interesting day today. I did chair massage at a church as part of a fair they were doing. And the beauty is that this was arranged two days ago.

May 4, 2004
It’s been a few nights since I last talked to Dante. I saw him online tonight and asked how things have been. The news was not good.

May 1, 2004
This started out to be a slow day, but the last hour of the night has turned out to be very interesting, interesting indeed. That’s when I had to go to Virginia and move a dark entity from someone’s house.

April 22, 2004
I worked on my neighbor last night, and there is a funny story that goes along with this.

April 21, 2004
Now that the studio is finally open full time, I have actually been doing some massages, and it’s great.

April 18, 2004
This past Friday and Saturday, I had Open House at my shop. It wasn’t what I hoped for, but wasn’t a complete disappointment either.

April 15, 2004
With the studio fully open, I have been doing some massage sessions, and, you know, it feels real good.

April 5, 2004
Something we have surely heard before is 'be careful what you wish for'. This warning suggests that there is a possibility that you might actually get what you wish for and all the unexpected or unplanned consequences. And there are reasons for the warning. Recently, I ran into another take on the same thing which says 'Be careful what you wish for, as you're doomed to not want it once you have it'.

April 1, 2004
Light and dark. Light and dark. Day and night. Ok, let’s talk about light and dark. The series of questions and ensuing conversation at the workshop I did brought up some interesting thoughts. (And I’ve decided to write them on April Fool’s Day.)

March 31, 2004
Tonight, I gave a class (workshop) on energy at a Unitarian church. I called it ‘Working With Energies’, or ‘Using the Force 101’. I had about 10 students, and the class went really well.

March 30, 2004
Someone sent me an e-mail the other day that had a profound statement in it... If you’re not failing, you’re not learning.

March 26, 2004
Well, it’s now official. I have all the licensing I need to open my studio fully (Reiki and massage).

March 20, 2004
A friend came in today and helped me do the final cleaning of the shop (er. . . studio). It was a good session, even before the smoke cleared.

March 14, 2004
I did my first Reiki session at the shop today.

March 13, 2004
I taught Reiki 1 today, which was the first class taught in my studio.

March 12, 2004
Well the studio has been smudged, blasted with white light and shielded. I guess it’s ready for visitors.

March 11, 2004
The state Board of Heath was just at my shop to inspect it. I passed.

March 9, 2004
Over the last two days, I have been through the cleansing exercises given by a friend.

March 5, 2004
I was talking with Dante online tonight. He was telling me about something evil after him.

March 4, 2004
Ok, so let’s talk about dark entities. In the three and a half years that I’ve been doing this journal, I’ve focused on the positive aspects of energy work and healing. I’ve stayed away from the things that go bump in the night, and the ooga-booga things that could bite you in the ass if you aren’t very, very careful. This was done mostly because I didn’t want to scare anyone to the point that they started putting garlic on all the doors into their homes.

March 3, 2004
Recognizing patterns is something I do from time to time. Sometimes I don’t recognize it until too late though.

March 2, 2004
I just lost, or should I say, walked away from a friend yesterday. I would have preferred not to have preferred that this not have happened, especially since I don’t make friends real easily, but it had to. Most that I do make friends with, stay friends for as long time. The fact that I lost a very good friend this year (through death) makes this harder.

March 1, 2004
As of today, my shop is licensed for Reiki.

February 26, 2004
I have been learning a lot about having a shop. It’s a lot of hard work. There’s special laws that need to be followed. And government moves in bizarre ways.

February 25, 2004
I have to apologize for the great amount of time that has passed since my last series of postings.

February 14, 2004
I did my first pre-natal massage today. I trained a whole night in massage school for that. So, I was really ready. Uhh, yeah. Right.

February 2, 2004
A few weeks ago, I was down in south Florida doing healing work. Some things went very, very well, but some things went very, very wrong.